Our Team

Dj Bjay

Main Dj

Dj Bay is a Nigerian US based disc jockey. Born and raised in Nigeria before moving to the U.S in 2007. With a Bachelor in Economics and Information  technology, Dj Bjay decided to turn around the table by focusing on what he loves more, his passion, “disc jockey”.

Josephine Elliott

Social Media Manager

Josephine Elliott is the social media manger of Afro Soundz Radio. Music lover herself, Josephine has many interests and enjoys live concerts and musicals. She enjoys driving whilst listening to new albums.

Sean Ibanibo

Head of Podcast

Hello, my name is Sean and I am a Nigerian-American currently living in New Jersey. After a decade in business and finance, I’m returning to school to pursue a career in healthcare. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking Nigerian food, reading a good murder mystery and exploring the world…

Esther Maferreh Walker

Podcast Host

Esta Ferral is a Cape Verdean- Sierra Leonean, residing in Minnesota USA. She is a former journalist, Radio Personal who is a hard worker, music fanatic, and poetry writer. Desire to pursue her journalism as a degree in the United States. She enjoys exercising, writing, and music as her meditation.

Jayson Ansah Nyarko


Winston J Stewart Jr.


Winston Stewart, a freelance portrait photographer based out of South Carolina. The New Jersey native’s love for photography started on the streets of Irvington NJ. Surrounded by skateboarding culture, a camera, somehow has always made it into his hands. After serving 7 years in the U.S Army, Winston’s love for…